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Sideboards, we got sideboards!

April 9, 2009

I just finished one blog and abandoned my laptop for an eye-refreshing walk through the factory, but what I saw has driven me back to the keyboard.  Obviously our clients plan on a lot of partying soon, as we are almost finished with six sideboards.
As background, let me share with you that Joe designed our basic sideboard carcass with my partying habits in mind.  I like to invite 6-8 people for a buffet, during which I too can enjoy the party.

Niermann Weeks’ sideboard tops are large enough to hold all the necessary food, condiments, plates, glasses, drinks, silverware and napkins. That way, we can all self-serve and mingle and enjoy, until it’s time for dessert and coffee.  Then Joe and I must make some quick changes to the buffet top.  By that time, however, most guests help us clear the dirty dishes into the kitchen, and put the final course on the sideboard.
As variations on my theme, our company features many standard designs for an enclosed sideboard:

Bowfront Commode in a painted finish, Celadon and goldleaf


Renishaw Commmode in a stained finish, Italian walnut and goldleaf, with metal grilles overlaid on the doors. Two shelves are within.


Scalloped Edge Commode
in a stained finish, Southern mahogany with the top in Dark mahogany. Two shelves are within.


I just love to watch how our clients play around with our standard designs.  Many clientsaccept my standard dimensions for a sideboard, but sometimes a custom shape is just their ticket.  We’re also asked to also mix and match finishes from one design to another, or to develop custom finishes perfectly adapted to their residence.
Here’s a custom greige on our standard Bowfront Commode carcass.  Look at the bottom right leg to see our master strike-off that controls how our artists complete the custom finish.


This Bowfront carcass was finished in real silver leaf .  When its doors are leafed, we’ll then glaze and seal the entire piece to stop the tarnishing process.


This Renishaw Commode features the standard dimensions, but is finished in Circassian walnut with goldleaf accentuating the door grilles.


Isn’t this a fun shape?  The finish is a weathered oak with matte door insets and painted zinc on the grilles.


And this commode includes the elongated shape of the Bowfront, the grilles of the Renishaw, and a custom finish.  Once more look to the bottom right leg to see the strike off control we use to match the designer’s special finish.


Copyright 2009 Niermann Weeks Company. All rights reserved.

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