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A little personal information…

February 25, 2009

My readers have been asking for more personal details, so here’s some background.  Joe Niermann and I have been married for forty years, while our company is now in its 31st year.  We own and manage the company in which our daughters Eleanor and Claire each play an integral part.


– Joe Niermann is the Chairman of our Board and our chief designer; he’s the cute guy in this picture.

– Eleanor McKay (that’s me) is the CEO and the spokesperson for the company; I’m on the right with the red hair

-Eleanor Niermann, our oldest daughter, handles all of our merchandising and sampling; she’s on the left in the gray jacket.

-Claire Niermann, our youngest daughter, manages all of our internal operations; she’s wearing the blue shirt with black sweater.

When Joe and I created the company, our goal was to hand-craft beautiful home furnishings to enhance our customer’s lives.  We also wanted to create our ideal workplace where we could thrive while we made a living adding to the beauty in the world.  Sounds mushy, but it’s true!  When Joe, I and the children were the entire workforce, we made each chandelier, table, bed, and chest of drawers so that it would retain its beautiful finish and its function for years.  Our children are now providing furnishings to the children of our original customers.  As they marry and have children, we keep providing for their needs – a chandelier to hang in the dining room, a bigger dining table, and twin beds for their kids.  Joe and I feel privileged to receive this patronage.

Niermann Weeks is still dedicated to crafting things in the U.S. and by hand, a laborious and time-consuming process, but the end result is worth the investment.  Our designs have stayed in vogue for over three decades.  Our workmanship creates products that we’re proud to see used from the White House to your house.  Our factory serves as a reservoir for American crafts, employing carpenters, painters, metal workers, sculptors, shippers, and other skilled fabricators.  For the last decade we have included our trademark stamp as our signature on every item we’ve made.  This is your guarantee of hand-made, enduring quality.


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  1. doreen Shelley permalink
    April 6, 2009 10:07 pm

    Love the family photo and personal stuff—so few companies have that to offer!

    I was looking at your website to find the name of the ‘stop knockoffs’ organization but got lost in some of the great work,then found the photo…..

    Love you guys,
    Though if you think of it, I would like the name of the organization….


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